12 de November de 2019

Transforming glasses is our business

Glass processing is where it all begins. Gain of resistance, control of color or transparency, degree of brightness, the capacity to balance heat input and attenuate sound.

GlassecViracon’s solutions are inspired by innovations and trends in glass applications worldwide, offering products of excellence in performance and design for architectural projects of different sizes and segments.



Our team of experts is constantly in tune with market demands and strives to understand investor needs and make them compatible with our processing lines.

Our team is excited to support architects in developing the best glass solution for the project, ensuring the delivery of specified products to the builder in charge of the project with an improved logistics system.



GlassecViracon’s glasses are developed with different attributes to meet the requirements of each project. They are complete solutions in insulating and laminated glass, with low-e or reflective solar control coatings, screen printing application or other customized components.


Check out our insulating glass line

Insulating glass is the most comprehensive line of attributes available on the market to meet the most demanding levels of energy, acoustic and safety performance.

Insulating, Laminated Insulating, Double Laminated Insulating


Check out our laminated glass line

We carry out in our own laboratory all tests to ensure that our laminated glass is truly safe, according to the requirements of technical standards.

Laminated, Tempered Laminated, Multi-laminated


Check out our components

For greater energy efficiency, we offer a wide range of reflective and low-e solar control coatings with one, two or three layers of silver.

For a unique design with improved shading performance, we provide screen-printed glass in different patterns and colors, with customization options on request.


GlassecViracon is certified by AMS, Inc. in the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC) program for laminated safety glass and Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) for insulating glass.