ISO 9001

GlassecViracon confers a high quality standard to all of its processes and products. In 2002 the company received its first ISO 9001 certification, and went through recertification audits in 2009 and 2014.

The ISO 9001 covers all our operations – planning, purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, sales, customer service and administrative services – to ensure the highest level of quality to our services and solutions.


We are the only company in the Brazilian market that has a Laboratory of Quality Control where essays are carried out to ensure the uniformity of colors and shades of our glazing products. Every batch of raw-material undergoes spectrophotometry tests, besides other specific tests according to the product’s characteristics.

On the Following video you will see:

  • See how spectrophotometry test works.
  • Check the equalization process of double insulating glass.
  • Learn what the GV Quality Seal is all about.
  • Get to know the quality guidelines followed by our employees.


The products fabricated by GlassecViracon meet the standards of the Brazilian Technical Standards Association – ABNT [Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas ]

NBR 7199:1989 Glazing project, execution and applications in construction.
NBR 11706:1992 Glass in building construction – Specification.
NBR 14698:2001 Tempered glass.
NBR 14697:2001 Laminated glass.
NBR 16023:2011 Coated control glass – Requirements, ratings and test methods.
NBR 16015:2012 Insulating glass – Features, requirements and test methods.


Glassec® is a trademark of GlassecViracon.

Insulatto® is the trademark of GlassecViracon’s double insulating glazing.

GlassecViracon™ is the trademark of GlassecViracon.