15 de November de 2019

Safety glass railing

GlassecViracon’s glass railing solutions provide the transparency and safety you need to delight your customer.

Produced and checked by tests that ensure their quality, Glassec’s laminated glasses combine the aesthetic advantages of natural light with strict technical safety standards. A perfect match for the success of your development.

In addition to the use of glass railings indoors, the trend is to use them on balconies of residential, office and mixed-use buildings, providing the user with a privileged visual interaction with the external environment.



In order to define the railing glasses, please have some important information in hand, such as the glass geometry, thickness, type of support and linear load duration, to validate the strength requirements appropriate to the technical standard.

Please see the checklist below to make your choice easier.

o   Laminated

o   Tempered laminated

o   Structural tempered laminated

o   Functional PVB

o   Structural PVB

o   SentryGlas®

o   Ultra clear

o   Colorless

o   Colored

o   Screen-printed

o   Reflective

o   Visible edges

o   With or without holes

o   Edge finish


For a bolder option, you can also use oversized glasses.

Come and talk to GlassecViracon’s team about your project. Our prices are very competitive. And you will be amazed at the result: Contact