To combine technological progress with environmental protection is a part of GlassecViracon’s corporate governance activities. Our commitment to sustainable practices reflects in the glass beneficiation process and in the development of products that contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in buildings.



Since its foundation in 1991, the company has operated a water treatment and reutilization system in its industrial plant. In 2012 GlassecViracon invested in the system’s modernization by setting-up a closed-circuit Industrial Effluent Treatment Facility equipped to reutilize a high percentage of the water used in the glass washing and polishing processes.



Recyclable materials, such as cullets and glass powder, interlayers, plastic and paper, are separated and sent to glass plate manufacturers , glaziers and recycling organizations that reuse them in their production processes and in the development of new products.



GlassecViracon provides solutions allowing for high thermal performance, while preserving the aesthetic characteristics of glass, in compliance with environmental certification requirements. For example, using natural lighting and heat absorbing filters is an efficient way to reduce energy consumption of indoor environments. Thus, solar control glass is an important element to be used in projects committed to ‘green building’ sustainable practices.