High strength and performance with beauty and versatility. These are the characteristics of the laminated safety glass manufactured by GlassecViracon.

A laminated unit is composed of two or more glass lites joined by a PVB interlayer that prevents the glass from shattering in the event of breakage. This feature reduces the risk of bodily injury and property damage, in addition to maintaining the gap closed.

Laminated glazing is ideal for applications requiring different levels of acoustic performance and safety. Additionally, it offers greater protection against UV rays and broad aesthetic possibilities according with the selection of colors and the PVBs opacity.

The laminated glass fabricated by GlassecViracon meets the requirements of the Brazilian standards NBR 11706 and NBR 14697.



Simple laminated glass consists of two glass lites intercalated with PVB and is widely used in facades and balustrades.


Multi-laminated glass is manufactured with two or more glass lites held together by one or more interlayers, which provides the product with a high level of safety. Also known as anti-vandalism glass, it is suited for environments that require greater protection, such as banks, storefronts and guardhouses.


Blindatto® is GlassecViracon’s armored glass especially manufactured to protect against gun shots. Consisting of multiple layers of glass intercalated with highly resistant PVB film, the armored glass is subjected to a controlled heat and pressure process to increase its resistance to ballistic missiles, making it ideal for use in facades and guardhouses.

Ballistic shielding is classified by protection levels, according to the specifications of the Brazilian standard NBR 15000 – Ballistic Shielding – Classification and Evaluation Criteria. The manufacturing and trade of armored glass follow strict rules from the Brazilian Army who is responsible for certifying and authorizing this type of glass manufacturers.

GlassecViracon is certified with the Army registration certificate for transparent ballistic shield for architectural use, and bears a Retex* certificate for its Blindatto® Level II and Blindatto® Level III-A products.

Level Ammunition Mass of the Projectile (g) Vo (m/s) Number of Impacts
II 9 FMJ 8,0 ± 0,1 358 ± 15 5
357 Magnum JSP 10,2 ± 0,1 425 ± 15 5
III-A 9 FMJ 8,0 ± 0,1 426 ± 15 5
.44 Magnun SWC GC 15,6 ± 0,1 426 ± 15 5
*RETEX is the Experimental Technical Report granted to ballistic panels tested and approved by the Brazilian Army.


You can also improve our product by adding solar control coatings, silk-screen patterns and interlayer colors to the laminated glass.