When you specify an insulating glass, you are choosing the “greenest” solution available in the Brazilian market, and a product that keeps buildings with mild climate in summer, warm in winter, and beautiful all year long.

Insulating glazing is known as “Double glazing” because it has at least two glass plies separated by a spacer that forms a sealed chamber. A desiccant is applied within the spacer so as to prevent moist inside the set, making the insulating glazing an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator.

Insulatto® is GlassecViracon’s line of double insulating glazing.

Insulating glass fabricated by GlassecViracon meet the requirements of the Brazilian standard NBR 16015.



The most basic insulating glass units is constructed with two plies of glass separated by a spacer forming a sealed chamber. Its main attribute is to improve thermal performance (U-value) by reducing by approximately 50% the heat transfer to the indoor environment, when compared with a monolithic glass either coated or uncoated.


The insulating laminated unit combines the thermal properties of insulating glass with the safety features and acoustic performance of laminated glass. A perfect choice for facades and coverings that require greater protection against UV rays.


This insulating unit is manufactured with a laminated external board. It is the ideal product for applications where the outer facade of the building may be subject to additional overload or in regions susceptible to heavy storms that require safety glass.


This product is manufactured with laminated glass plies in both the inner and outer boards of the insulating unit. It is the ideal configuration for applications where best acoustic performance is required, such as regions with intense air and road traffic, in addition to meeting the requirements for safety glass.


This triple insulating unit is built with three glass plies intercalated with two hermetically sealed chambers. This solution is mostly utilized when applications with low U-value are required.